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How to Sign a Quilt

Heather Thomas talks about the importance of documenting your work, and she shows you a few different examples of her own work that she has “signed” by sewing her name directly into the quilt. You can make your name stand out by sewing it in high-contrast thread against a low-contrast …

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Sewing basics: how to sew mitered corners

In this YouTube sewing tutorial I will show you how to sew mitered corners fast and easy. If you are looking for easy quilt binding corners check out my sewing ideas on how to sew a mitered corner binding and mitered quilt borders. #miteredcorners #howtosewcorners

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How to photograph your quilts

Last week one of my kids was looking through the photos on my phone and said, “Momma, all of your pictures are either of us, quilts or cats!” I had to laugh because I am guilty as charged. I take photos of quilts all the time but some photos are …

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